Monday, October 22, 2012

Eli 19.5 months

Its been a while since I last did an Eli update. A lot has happened in the last couple of months and he just keeps growing so fast!

At 19.5 months Eli loves...

Movies. This boy loves to watch movies. He gets really excited when I let him watch one and almost always makes a face like this...

No joke, he gets that excited, lol

Eli also loves cars. We got Eli his first set of hot wheels and a track the day before Noelle was born and he absolutely loved it! He loves to race them, make the chase each other, crash, and jump things. His favorite movie is also Cars 2 (we don't have the original...yet)
Another thing Eli loves is playing with his dinosaur figures. We just recently got some for him after we went to the library. I thought it would be fun to go to the library and read books to Eli, he really enjoys looking at books. I was excited, this would be a great activity for him to start enjoying. Fun and educational. However...the library had dinosaur figures for the kids to play with. Needless to say, Eli had NO interest in reading or looking at books. So yes, we go to the library to play with dinosaurs.
Another one of Eli's loves is playing tackle and tag. He loves to run around and around. I think he would do it all day if we chased him that long. He has so much fun and laughs and laughs. Eli loves going outside, playing, putting things in the trash, hanging upside down, bath time, pointing out our facial features, singing twinkle, twinkle little star, mashed potatoes, dipping things in ketchup or gravy, fries, giving high fives, reading bible stories, his tigers, roaring like a tiger, playing basketball, coloring, playing hide-n-go seek, eating and drinking all by himself, and talking in his own babble language.
Eli also absolutely LOVES his sister! He runs to try to comfort her when she cries. Tries to give her her paci when it falls out of her mouth. He wants to hold her hand in the car. Wants to hold her on the couch. Talks to her everyday and gives her kisses all the time. He loves that little girl, it is so sweet.

Bath time!

Swinging outside!

Playing Dinosaurs at the Library

Who cares about books when you can
play with Dinosaurs!

Eli and Reveille. Whoop! 

Playing cars

Coloring his shapes

Raiding the fridge

Sorry about your leftovers Dad!

Look Mom, I found her nose!

After seeing a movie with the grandparents

Drinking out of a big boy cup by himself!


Playing with Noelle


Handsome boy!

Eli is such a happy, fun, and loving little boy. I love that he is affectionate. I pray he never grows out of it. I am so thankful I get to watch him grow and learn everyday. I am so thankful I get to know what he wants and needs when it sounds like babble to everyone else around.

I am so thankful I get to be your mommy, Eli. I love you so much sweet boy.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jordan's plant farm 2012

This weekend we went with Myles's parents to Jordon's plant farm for some fall fun! We tried to get some picture while we were there too. The kids were not too thrilled about the taking pictures part, but they loved looking around at the pumpkins and the fall and christmas decor in the shop. We did however manage to get a few good pictures!


Daddy and his baby girl!

My loves!

Happy Fall!

Eli 19 months

Noelle 2 months

Pretty girl


And I am smiling a little big, haha.
Trying to make up for Eli's lack of smiling


Eli and Noelle love their grandparents!

Noelle and Granny Boo

Eli and Grandpa Dadee

..And the out takes

Mr. dramatic!  lol


I know Noelle, getting your  picture taken is no fun!

Happy Fall!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Golf Gangnam Style

Myles and our friend, Micah, went to play golf Monday on their day off....I think they had a little too much fun... 


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Noelle's Birthday!

Here are some pictures from our sweet Noelle's birthday!

Handsome Daddy, ready to meet his baby girl!

Last day to have Noelle in my belly, yay!


Our new blessing!

Granny Boo checking out all that hair!

Madalynn holding her long awaited for new baby "sister cousin"

Aunt Lindsey and Noelle!

Beautiful girl!

Noelle Elizabeth Adamson

Our precious little girl was born July 29, 2012 at 5:49 pm.

About three weeks before Noelle was due I went to my ob appointment and found out I was measuring about 40 weeks, when I should have been measuring 37! The doctor ordered a growth check sonogram so we could see how Noelle was growing. The next week I had the sonogram. Before the sonogram tech told me how big they thought she was, she said,  "Now this is just an estimate, just an estimate. It could be give or take a pound. Its just an estimate." Her reassuring me that what she was about to tell me was "just an estimate" made me think oh goodness, this is going to be scary! They estimated she was 9 lbs and 5 oz! With over 2 weeks left until my due date! Carrying her around, I knew she felt big, and this confirmed my achey body! This girly was going to be a big baby. I hadn't had any problems with this pregnancy. My blood pressure had been great, and no crazy swelling. Since everything was so great, my doctor could not induce until I was 39 weeks. That was 10 whole days for my already 9 pound baby to get even bigger. I was a little worried. We set the date to induce on the 29th and hoped I would go into labor on my own before then, but I didn't. The 29th came and we were more than ready to meet our little girl! We arrived at the hospital around 6:15am and got checked into our labor room. We were so excited and in a very goofy mood. Maybe because of the lack of sleep from the night before. Of course, I stayed up as late as I could cleaning and making sure everything was ready. I wouldn't have been able to sleep anyways, I had that kid on christmas eve feeling. The nurse asked me all the routine questions and I had to fight the urge to give her sarcastic and silly answers. We finally got things started and my labor progressed slowly throughout the day. Myles and I just chilled in the room and watched the olympics and waited. Sometime late morning/ early afternoon, the doctor finally made it by to break my water, and I got my epidural soon after. The epidural did not go as good as it did when I had Eli. It took the CRNA a while to get it in and it was more painful too. I also think it was more difficult this time because my contractions were stronger while I was getting it than they were with Eli. After it was in, it took some adjusting to get the medicine working evenly on my contractions. The labor continued to progress slowly. Around 4:50 I was finally at a 5 and that is when things started really moving. Everything moved really fast. Around 5:30 I was at a 7 and then about 10 minutes later Noelle was coming. The doctor literally got there just in time to catch her, which kind of had me on edge. Noelle's birth was much more painful than Eli's, I felt every ounce of her! I don't think the epidural was working all the way. I didn't have to push long, and I am pretty sure they were having to hold her in while the doctor was gloving up, lol.   Noelle was ready to meet us! After all the pain and yelling...and probably scaring all the other patients on the floor, Noelle was born. She was prefect. She had a beautiful, full head of hair and was a healthy baby.

 She weighed 9 lbs, 12 oz and was 22 in long. Big girl!

We enjoyed her alone for about 30 minutes, and then let our family in to meet her before they took her to the nursery. It was such a great time.

A couple of hours after my delivery, I began to have a really stiff neck and a bad headache. It turned out that I had a post dural puncture headache (PDPH). This is a possible side-effect from an epidural. What happens is there is a puncture in the dura space in your spine and it leaks cerebral spinal fluid. Leaking CSF makes the pressure in you head get off and causes your brain to sag some, making you feel like your head is going to explode. When you lie down, you feel better because you are horizontal and the pressure isn't effected. There are two ways to treat a PDPH. The conservative way is caffeine, hydration, and staying horizontal as much as possible. If left alone, the leak will heal on its own, it just takes time. I was told about 2-3 weeks. The other treatment is blood patch where a doctor uses your blood to go back in where the leak is and inject your blood to clot over the leak. The risks of the blood patch are the same as the epidural. I didn't like the thought of going through another epidural and possibly be hurting more. Even though the blood patch is supposed to be very effective, I was just done with needles for the time being so I choose the conservative route. I would not suggest doing this! And if I had the choice again I would probably choose to have the blood patch. My horrible headaches lasted for about 4 weeks, and although they did get better as the time went by, it was awfully painful! I went to the ER the friday after giving birth and tired to get a blood patch, but I found out they don't have an anesthetist working on the weekends. I was then supposed to get to set up to have one on the following monday, but that fell through as well because they told me I had to be off Motrin, which the Dr. had prescribed for pain, for 5 days! However, when they were going to give me the blood patch in the hospital I was taking the pain medicine. So I just had to keep waiting for it to heal on its own. I still get a headache every once in a while from it, and there are certain things I do, like getting up fast in the morning and being on the computer that give me a headache easier, but it is still getting better.

Besides all the headache and neck pain, life with Noelle has been great. She is so sweet and quite the little snuggler. And let me tell ya, the during the olympics is a great time to have a baby and be on bed rest, lol. We enjoyed snuggling with our newborn while watching the games. It was nice when we were up in the wee hours of night feeding, that there was something good on to help keep us awake. Eli did great with her too. He did miss us when he stayed with grandparents, but he still had a good time and was a joy to everyone he was with. He loves Noelle and is so sweet with her. He loves to give her kisses, check on her when she is crying, and knows how to help with throwing her dirty diapers in the trash. We are loving life as a family of four and feel we are greatly blessed. I have never been so thankful for health. After living with PDPH for a month, I can not imagine living with chronic pain or sickness. Praise the Lord for a healthy family, and praise the Lord he is healing me!

We love you baby girl, and are so thankful you are here!